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Hello there, my name is Mykaila!!! As you can see, I am an artist. I love it dearly with burning passion :love: even though I don't really do it much, but when I have free time and inspiration, I just pick a pencil and paper or iPad and stylus and draw (⌒▽⌒)

I love any visual story telling: Movies, TV shows, some video games, manga, etc. I have been a huge fan of Star Wars and Transformers since middle school. I've also been fond of any kind of animation (whatever looks pretty or unique), but my personal best goes to Anime and some well-thought-of 2d animation like Don Bluth.

As for other don't think I just draw and watch things right do you?......well, honestly it's kinda true.

I enjoy good music: like scores, Jpop, metal, elctronic, rock, vocaloid....just whatever sounds really good, melodically and lyrically.

My favorite foods always consists with balnce...or just whatever works for my taste buds. I always loved smoothies. My favorite fruit is peach. MInts have always given me a satisfying refreshing taste, especially from chocolate chip mint ice cream. Cheesy products have also been tasty for me like Doritos and Fishy Crackers. I always drink milk and I occasionally drink orange juice or 7UP or Sprite.

My best kind of day will always have sunsets and sunrises. I just adore the colors it gives on the clouds and the shapes become so creative. But it is always best during or after a rain storm. Rain is my life. Everyday where I am at now, is always sunny. It's not so bad, but I love the fresh cool smell and feel the rain gives me (cross fingers and one day I will move near Seattle). I've also come to realize I kinda like winter....because it gives me reason to love warmth by snuggling into my blankies LOL However, Spring is my most favorite because it is both warm and cool to me.

My life in the internet is somewhat stable. All I do is check deviantART, Tumblr, facebook, Youtube, and watch Nostalgia Critic weekly.


Personal Quote: "Happiness to all and to all a good day."

Tumblr account:
Youtube Channel:…


FIGHT (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner ACT (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner SAVE (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner Item by Falcosartcorner MERCY (Undertale Stamp) by Falcosartcorner

TF Stamp by Moesakaru Stamp: Transformers Prime by Araktugage TF Girls stamp by Metallikato stamp_proud autobot by Nightcathybrid KH stamp by Dbzbabe Kingdom Hearts Stamp by winter-ame Sea-Salt ice cream stamp by DarkMythril Stamp by Keyblade-Warriors TFP Optimus stamp by Imber-Noctis Edward Elric Fan Stamp by powderblue22 TFP Optimus Prime Fan stamp by TMNT-Raph-fan DEATH THE KID by 80avatarfan80 Axel fan stamp by AnimalSam TFP Megatron stamp by Imber-Noctis I love Jack stamp by WaterLily-Gems Clone Wars Master Yoda Stamp by dA--bogeyman DETERMINATION (Undertale Gif) by Falcosartcorner Undertale Stamp: Sans the skeleton by alpakami

:iconoptimusprimelaplz: :iconmegatronlaplz: :iconaxellaplz:

:iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz::iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz:


What's up deviants?

And what's up Transisters and Broformers?! ☆

 I want to ask all of you. If I were to do commissions, how much are you willing to pay for it? How much do you think my art is worth to you (be reasonable, don't be cheap or expensive plz)? Please comment below. I need to make money eventually!


:bulletred: Transformers:

~Robots in Disguise~

:bulletwhite: <...>

~Transformers 5: The Last Knight~


:new: SO, there is SOME new content, but it's still really cool nonetheless. I am very aware most of you already seen this, but thought I post this anyway XD

If you want some major live action TF updates, then check out this channel below. He is a good friend of mine and a respected fan in the community. Please show him some support.… Subscribe Ragin Nation youtube channel… Like Ragin Nation Facebook page


:bulletblue:KINGDOM HEARTS NEWS:bulletblue:

• Like being a huge fan of Transformers, I'm also a full fledged fan of Kingdom Hearts. For those who don't know what Kingdom Hearts is, it's a crossover game of, strangley enough, Disney and Final Fantasy. But it has it's own story. It's about a young boy named Sora, with his friends Riku and Kairi, having dreams of leaving the island searching out other worlds outside their own. One day, a mysterious form of darkness destroys their home, causing them to separate, leaving Sora with a strange weapon called a Keyblade lands in another world called Traverse Town. On the way, he meets with Donald and Goofy, who were looking for their King. In turn, they offer to help Sora find his friends. So, they set off on an adventure that had them explore other Disney Worlds in hope to find what they are looking for. 

Here is the first opening to get a feel of what the series is like mostly with the openings themselves...and compare it to today's opening with 2.8

That is the basic plot of the least the first game. Now there are other games that connect with each other. So it has not only become a huge franchise, but also has a massive fanbase. I happen to be in that fanbase and I am proud to be part of it. Because of this, I will post everything I can. However, in terms of major updates, I will leave it up to the X-Keepers (pronounced KEY-keepers). All of them have their own KH list, theories and analysis videos of their own. Please do show them support by checking the links to their channels down below.


:bulletred: HMK, he also updates anything Legend of Zelda, nintendo, and some PS content -

:bulletgreen: TheGamersJoint, personally the best source for mostly anything Kingdom Hearts, but occasionally has updates from other Square Enix projects as well as some PS games -…

:bulletwhite: SkywardWing, also has videos relating to Steven Universe, some Disney, nintendo content…

:bulletblue: Soraallam1, a great source for learning tricks and tip in how to level up, fight certain bosses, and detailed analysis videos -…



 ALRIGHT! I managed to play 2.8 in just a week. Long story short, I LOVED what they did with this bundle. ESEPCIALLY 0.2 Birth By Sleep. This segment truly takes me feel right at home at KH2 (my most favorite KH game of the bunch) while still giving new content through story, gameplay, and visuals. I am thinking about doing a review on it. However, knowing me, it may not come across my mind eventually. SO, we'll see what happens LOL


 The recent update from director, Tetsuya Nomura, that the production of KH3 may take longer than he thought. There are worlds going well, but MANY MORE remained untouched. So, who knows how long it'll take...again. Though, personally, I do not have a problem, for now. I want the studio to give it their all. Time makes great effort I always say. SO, the longer the production, the better the results become XD

Stay tuned for more folks! Will try to upload more updates as much as I can ^^

Release Date: TBA


1.5 + 2.5 PS4 edition:
March 28

There is also the USA Kingdom Hearts official website if you wantto checck it out.

Here is an image for you that explains the chronological order of Kingdom Hearts as a whole thus far

If you are STILL unsure about the series, then check out someone's montage of the combat style you can use particularly in Kingdom Hearts 2 (keep in mind, this is a montage and the editor made it a montage to make it look flipping awesome....but you will use these moves as you progress through the game)....

.....have you considered it yet?


:bulletred: Random thoughts



My Friend List:

~My sister~

~Star Wars Buddies~
:icontheredspy:,:iconpurplerage9205:, etc.

~Transformers Buddies~
:iconhaloangel21:, :iconmessyartwok:, :iconstar10::icononyxleaderrogue-177::iconlady-elitaone-arts::iconninja-formersjunkie::iconshikutoki:, etc.

~My other good buddies who are respectful~
:iconcafcow:,:iconfantasyfreak-fangirl:,:iconkrissty10:,:iconfanfictionaxis:, :icondreamur-gurl:, :iconmeldamiriel7:,  etc.

~Famous/popular artists~:
:iconmarkerguru:, :iconlivioramondelli::icongrantgoboom:,:iconmikeinel:,:icongriddles:,:iconjasoncardy:,:iconmattmoylan:, :iconsonicrocksmysocks: etc.

For those I haven't listed, you're probably part of the "etc." sign. Don't worry, you're part of the friends list and visitors or whoever I don't know. All of you are my friends ^-^



:iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz::iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz::iconprimelaplz:

  • Listening to: Simple and Clean Ray of Hope Remix
  • Watching: TF5 Trailer!!!

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Dear Apple, bring art to the world and the world to art! Add an 'Art' category to the App Store. #artapp



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