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Till All Are One!!!
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United States
Hello there, I'm Mykaila!!! As you can see, I am an artist. I love it dearly with burning passion :love: even though I don't really do it much, but when I have free time and inspiration, I just pick a pencil and paper or iPad and stylus and draw (⌒▽⌒)

I LOVE movies. My favorite kind is sci-fi ,action, and comedy (in cartoon, live action, computer generated, and anime). The movies and TV shows I love most are Transformers, Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood, Soul Eater, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Star Wars, Kung Fu Panda, Clannad, etc. I have many other favorites, but I can't count em all.

The characters I love the best are Optimus Prime (TF), Edward Elric (FMA), Death the Kid (Soul Eater), Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas, Yoda (Star Wars).....etc.

(P.S. I feel stalked. It seems like the writers for 2007 Transformers stole my name for the character Mikaela Banes - They took my sister's name, Sam for Sam Witwicky - weird and exciting, huh?)

As af far as how often do I get online......I get on pretty much everyday XD I graduated from high school, may possibly join the Air Force, working out sucks.....but I at least try to draw more often now. Good enough for me :pc:

Current Residence: Here....
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop, Vocaloid, Rock, Metal, punk, movie scores, etc.
Favourite style of art: Manga/Anime
Operating System: HP TouchSmart
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch
Wallpaper of choice: Optimus Prime (TFP, G1, & Live-Action)
Favourite cartoon character: Optimus Prime (2007, G1, TFP), General Grievous, Yoda, Darkrai,
Personal Quote: "Happiness to all and to all a good day."

Robots in Disguise and my ComiCon Side Project

Journal Entry: Sun Feb 15, 2015, 5:26 AM
:iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz::iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz:


What's up deviants?

And what's up Transisters and Broformers?! ☆

:bulletred: Transformers:

~Random Stuff~
Guys.....this is important!! This is a big BIG deal for what I found out recently!! For those who already knew, you all know what it is. San Anotonio (TX) ComiCon will not only have Peter Cullen (Optimus Prime)  in their celebrity list.....Frank a Welker, yes you just read that, FRANK WELKER -Megatron- will show up as well!! This is a big deal because Frank doesn't go to conventions often, due to how incredibly busy he is (by now, most of you have seen his golden resume on iMDB). This I especially a big deal because both OPTIMUS AND MEGATRON will be there together. I am saying this because they both are my most favorite actors of all time. Personally, if I put my mind to this, it may be my only time to actually see them in person, even if I have to spend possibly over $600 dollars just to see them. I plan to make this a b-day present for myself. He many of you fans live near San antonio or how many of you plan to go? Kinda curious in case if I a m truly alone on this. I seriously am planning on doing this. I live a couple states away.....but I hope it works out!!!


Robots in Disguise

Many of you, including myself, are aware of the US release to premiere March 14 and will continue starting March 21. Well, it is finally coming up soon. I personally hope it comes to some of my expectations.



If you want some TF updates, then check out this channel below...… Subscribe Ragin Nation youtube channel… Like Ragin Nation Facebook page


・ I am trying to do my own review of TF4. But is going slow lately. Will try getting to that. 
・doe now, TF5 is nothing but rumors and ideas. The ideas I am sure most of us are desperately hoping for is seeing a flesh and blood cameo of the inspiring and great Peter Cullen, voice of Optimus Prime. We hear is Prime voice all the time, we see his sweet natured spirit on video cameras at conventions, and he was even awarded to get his hands and signature printed on cement at the Chinues theater. But never has he had a cameo in the Michael Bay movies. So, to make this possible, I will post a link to the petition to give us the opportunity to let Hasbro and the film producer's hear our voices. So please, sign and spread the word. Through here, Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, wherever you can.…



● My sister, :iconmetaknightgirl13:, made me a birthday music video XD Thank you!!!… (BTW, watch the end and guess the reference she added LOL)

●Hey, I have an awesome idea. Ya know how the My Little Pony fans titled themselves as Bronies and Pegasisters ( I am a minor Pegasister BTW)? Well, I noticed the TF fans didn't title themselves like that (unless it's just Transformies). So, starting today, I hereby give us TF fans titles. The fangirls are the TRANSISITERS and the fanboys are BROFORMERS. Does that sound alright? Are YOU a Transister /Broformer? And are you proud to be one?

I sure am proud to be a Transister XD

(Oh, in case you gooberries think Transister to transvestite, it is originally Transistor which is some sort of, just so we're clear on that)


Those who really love starscream and/or steve blum, CHECK OUT HIS FAN PAGE THINGY!! You can, if ya wish, send stuff and email him...literally. But, it will require patience and what not cause he's got tons of fans ;p Here it is fangirlys/boysies LOL


:bulletred: Other

:new: Ok, I got some explaining to do, concerning the lack of drawing more stuff lately, especially "The Closet" comic. I will still continue, I swear. I just have a lot in my hands lately (plus, been having an art block and losing motivation due to long days at work). Been wanting more hours of work, for money to ComiCon in Texas. I've also been working on a side project as well for ComiCon. Will tell you when I finish it, but till then, I hope and pray to get enough money. So, I apologize for keeping you waiting :ashamed:
Some of you asked me if I do requests. I've come to a conclusion I will not do requests. However, I think I can do Art Trades. NOW HOLD IT HOLD IT!!  Before you do anything, I ask of you dearly to READ THE RULES. Ya want one, you're gonna have to go through my rules. No arguments or excuses. So, PLEASE read the rules below ▽

●Have you heard of the nostalgia critic? For those who don't know, he is a character made up to criticize nostalgic films (from -my guessing- 1970s to present day - not films currently in theaters). If you're curious, please check it out. It is mainly found in a blog website known as That Guy With The Glasses  Of course, he is not the only one. There are other online critics to check out (from anime to toys to old movies etc.). But, personally, the nostalgia critic is my favorite online critic. His jokes are pretty clever and are extremely hilarious and some are quite relatable XD

For those who know who he is, I have a simple mission for you. You can contact him through email and request a movie or a TV show or whatever (though, it is most likely he won't respond but will try reading all his emails). My personal wish is for him to review (or do a v-log done by Doug Walker - the man that made Channel Awesome, the TGWTG website, and of course the Nostalgia Critic) of his thoughts on Transformers Prime and/or even the movie. So, if you feel the same way, I suggest you go here and request… maybe the majority of the same email would trigger him to check it out. Spread the word so it would be a great possibility. Keep in mind that this is my idea to try it out. I personally want to hear his thoughts on the show and I really want that to happen. Do you?

● many of you I'm sure have a tumblr account. Well, I too have an account (and I had it for awhile). So, if any of you want to follow me on rumblr, just go here >>

My Friend List:

~My sister~

~Star Wars Buddies~
:icontheredspy:,:iconpurplerage9205:, etc.

~Transformers Buddies~
:iconhaloangel21:, :iconopgirl106:, :iconlady-elita-1:, :iconshikutoki:, :iconblackjack2099:,  etc.

~My other good buddies who are respectful~
:iconcafcow:,:iconfantasyfreak-fangirl:,:iconkrissty10:,:iconfanfictionaxis:,:iconblossomburkley:,:icondreamur-gurl:,:iconpegasus1912:, :iconstar10:, etc.

~Famous/popular artists~:
:iconbleedman:,:icongrantgoboom:,:iconmarkerguru:,:iconmikeinel:,:icongriddles:,:iconjasoncardy:,:iconmattmoylan:, etc.

For those I haven't listed, you're probably part of the "etc." sign. Don't worry, you're part of the friends list and visitors or whoever I don't know. All of you are my friends ^-^

No Requests by SweetDukeTrades - Closed by SweetDuke Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke No Commissions by SweetDuke

Will NOT do requests!! Art Trades only!!

(Working on a couple, after that we'll start the art trade)

My rules:

1. Depending on your effort on the picture I ask for, I will use that same amount of effort for my picture my way. I do not care if you have a stick figure, I will make it a stick figure. If there's no color, then no color from me either. Kind of my way of commissions only it is free. 


3. You ask for one, you make me one first. This rule contests to rule 1. If it is really good effort, I will do the same. Same for poorly drawn, will not make it as good.

4. Like how I usually apply for both art trades and requests in the past, these still remain my limits: no graphic nudity and/or gore, no homosexuality (again, I don't hate people who are homos, just the idea I am not comfortable with), no sacreligious material (VERY IMPORTANT - no "Optimus is Jesus Christ" around me or anything similar, very inappropriate and absolutely disrespectful to any religion), no x-rated sexual material (no NSFW stuff), no intense obesity (meaning I will not make existing cartoons fat - I do not mind fat or chubby just don't make me draw Mickey Mouse as an obese rodent), etc.

5. When doing an art trade, take your time. Just let me know when you are done.

6. I will choose one person for an art trade and how long I hold on to the deal is unlimited. Meaning once I choose one, I will not do anything else. How I choose depends, I will post one question (if I can touch questions) per art trade availability that will involve guessing only, no internet searching. And when you guess that one guess, that is it. If you comment again of that same question, you are disqualified for the art trade. 

7. As for a topic you want me to draw, it depends. I can draw Transformers my own way, but I can draw others like anime and Star Wars and SOME Disney. But it really depends. Topics like OCs, again, I will not make one for you.

8. When you ask for an art trade PLEASE SEND ME A NOTE!!!

I know that sounded a bit harsh, but I do not want to be over piled by too many requests and I easily forget over time. I want to do one at a time, even if this one pic takes me a month. So, please be respectful in what I decide please. 

Thank you ☆

:icontheredspy: --------------Grievous fans UNITE :D by theREDspy Happy Birthday to Mykaila by theREDspy Request for op-kk-y-3-4-21-900 by theREDspy AT: Human Optimus Prime chibi by theREDspy

:iconwhitewings: ------------- Happy New Year by WhiteWings

:iconhaloangel21: --------------.Best of Friends - for MNS-Prime-21. by haloangel21

:iconkrissty10: ---------------- The maiden of the raising sun by Krissty10 Darkrai Midnight by Krissty10

many more in my ART TRADE folder in my FAVORITES..........


:iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz::iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz: :iconprimelaplz::iconprimelaplz:


Transformers Journal CSS by Pascua-Tanya
  • Playing: ipad mini!

Journal History


The Sky is like a Canvas by MNS-Prime-21
The Sky is like a Canvas
The sky, to me, is like a canvas.
Art doesn't need a schedule to make it beautiful.
Nature changes, so does art.
Sometimes it is simple like the sun.
Sometimes it is complex like the clouds.
Sometimes it is hardcore like a storm.
Nature presents so much life, as does art.
Or rather, nature is art.
And art is nature.

My favorite kind of art in the sky is the sunrise and sunsets when clouds are out. It is when it gives more color the it does during midday. Even in the afternoon, sometimes the clouds are simple and it still pops out thanks to the sun's pure light.

Trying to sound inspirational. Hopefully it made sense LOL

All done by me using Procreate
My Top 5 by MNS-Prime-21
My Top 5
This excludes myself LOL But they are my top 5 faves from past to recent. Who knew I would love these characters? They're all wonderful and awesome!! 

I truly have nothing else to say except that this was really fun to do ♡ 

Optimus Prime © Transformers 
Death the Kid © Soul Eater
Edward Elric © Fullmetal Alchemist 
Jack Skellington © Nightmare Before Christmas
Yoda © Star Wars
Nostalgia Critic Contest by MNS-Prime-21
Nostalgia Critic Contest
This online critic is the reason why I am at least trying to be smarter when it comes to understanding movies and the deep meanings from them inside and out (I still have my own opinions of course *cough*Iovebayformers*cough*). I was able to suffer through the bad films (at least the portions of them) as he reviewed the animated titanic movies for example (ugh, the music in both the movies were murdering my ears ROFL). I would continue my appreciation, but it was late aright uploading this as I post this and would like to get it in soon.

Because I love the NC so much, I thought it would be fun to participate in one of his contests when he announced it in his editorial (which was today I post this). As you see here is the result of my part. Even if I do not win this, I hope he appreciates the piece i worked hard for for the sake of loving what he does. It was worth 3-4 hours XD

If you haven't heard of him, pleas check him out at You can find other critics to enjoy and not just the NC. 

*preparing corny closure*

He is the Nostalgia Critic. He remembers it, so you don't have to.

Nostalgia Critic © Doug Walker

Thank you for keeping us laughing and making sure are diaphragms were sore rather than keeping are lives a living hell. YES, it is horrendously corny, I am sorry. But really, you are a great comedian. I always looked forward to your reviews and editorials every week. THANK YOU VERY MUCH 😊
STRWRRRRRRRRS!!! part 2 by MNS-Prime-21
The Death Star exploded!!force is strong with me fools!!

STAR WARS © Lucasfilm
For the fun of it, thought I show you guys my reactions to rewatching Star Wars. I am going to have a very fun time watching them in parts LOL

STAR WARS © Lucasfilm

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I know there is a jap dub, but I did not see it. Saw the OP and ED though...sort of.
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Later on in the week, I'll upload a small sketch featuring you talking to someone about a broken soda machine. As you might guess, you're in another "Deus Ex" reference. This YouTube video should explain more:…

Orange or lemon-lime?
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